Our Work Scope

Foundation Engineering

Micropile, Driven Pile, Borepile, Pile Cap and Basement Works.

Slope Stabilization & Protection

Soil Nails, Rock Bolt, Ground Anchor, Guniting, Grouting, Gravity Wall, Rock Fall Barrier, Rockfall Netting Hydro Seeding, Turfing, e.t.c.

Ground Improvements

Compaction Grouting, Cavity Treatment, Cement Column, Stone Column, Dynamic Compaction and Vertical Drain

Site Investigation

Drilling, Standard Penetration Test, Insitu Sampling, Insitu Strength Test, Electrical Cone Penetration Test, Pressure Meter Test, Insitu Permeability Test, Diamond Coring etc.


Inclinometer, Piezometer, Extensometer, Hydrostatic Profiling, Settlement Gauges, Settlement Markers, Strain Gauges, Tilt Meter, etc.

Field Test

Dynamic Cone Penetration Test, CBR Test, Plate Bearing Test, Pile Load Test (Static/Dynamic), Concrete & Bitumen Coring, Penetration Vane Test, Field Density Test, etc.

Laboratory Testing

Classification Test, Consolidation Test, Strength Test, Permeability Test, Chemical Test, Compaction Test, Rock Test, Concrete Test, Aggregate Test, Bitumen Test etc.